Every first move, look or gesture is a unique and unrepeatable moment, in which countless possibilities for the future open up. And what could be more beautiful than capturing the beginning of a great love story forever? With my creativity, empathy, and sensitivity, I have become a careful observer and passionate narrator. I try to turn the invisible into visible and give value to each frame to bring back the feelings experienced on that day, as if it were real again, forever.
My work and that of my team consist in capturing those moments and telling them through light, highlighting spontaneity, beauty and emotions. You can admire unique loves that have as a backdrop the most picturesque scenarios of the Sicilian coast and the most beautiful places in Italy. Suggestive locations and panoramas will make that wedding unique.

Lilly & Jacob

Une jolie femme


From Norway to Sicily

Love in Cefalù

Winter Sea

In Your Heart

We Are Salt

Luna Love


Dentro al Cuore