I am passionate about photography and video and I produce various projects ranging from weddings, corporate videos, to music videos. I focus on content quality and utilizing video technology at the best to create a successful product. My passion has led me to undertake big projects with a keen eye for detail and content care. I try to take the best from the video technology to satisfy my clients).

Additionally, I also produce mini-documentaries. These are short videos that tell interesting and deep stories, often about my home region. They provide a wide variety of educational, informative and social content, which can be viewed on both mobile devices and computers.

RX Gentile / Corporate

Corporate video made for the RX GENTILE radiology studio in Bagheria. The practice offers patients a quality experience. The competence and professionalism of the medical staff are combined with the use of the latest generation devices to provide high quality results.

Dean / Ermet

ERMET is a Sicilian independent musician. I produced the teaser video, ‘Dean’, it shows a view of the modern world through a fusion of electronic sounds, hypnotic melodies and pulsating rhythms. The video was shot in an abandoned factory to capture a unique atmosphere. It is an invitation to discover a new world of sounds and rhythms that ERMET has created.

Tutti devoti tutti

The feast of Sant’Agata (A festa ‘i sant’Àjita in Sicilian) is the most important religious festival in the city of Catania. It is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the city, and is one of the most popular Catholic religious festivals, precisely because of the number of people it involves and attracts. It takes place every year from 3 to 5 February, 12 February and 17 August. The February anniversary is linked to the martyrdom of the Catanese saint, while the August date commemorates the return to Catania of her remains, after they had been stolen and taken to Constantinople by the Byzantine general Giorgio Maniace as spoils of war and where they remained for 86 years.

Mother and Son

Holy Week at the Fornai is one of the most awaited events during the Easter period in Palermo, daughter of a very long tradition that is repeated every year involving the faithful and not in a spectacular program dedicated to the Passion and death of Christ. The Confraternity is based in the church of Sant’Isidoro Agricola all’Albergheria (or Chiesa dei Fornai), founded in 1634. In this period various lay realities were born in Palermo with the Mater Dolorosa as their cult. The Sorrowful Virgin is the weeping mother, who embodies all motherhood, all the dramas of past and present history.


“In contemporary art, there are not many artists who deal with the themes of classical myth or Greece”. With Himera/Nostos Gianfrancesco Iacono links the history of ancient Himera and its territory to the nostos which represents the return home, indicating a precise direction dictated by this project; strong link with Greek culture.

Voices and Sea

I walk along the seafront, the warm sand under my feet, accompanied by the sound of my laughter. Here is everything I love: the tranquility of nature, the freedom to explore and discover, the harmony between sky, sea and land. It is my special place, where I find my well-being and I stop to hear the voice of a boy who talks to me about his sea, the sea of ​​Aspra, a small fishing village near Bagheria.

Market Voices

Every morning, the “Capo” market in Palermo fills its shiny paving with voices and sounds. The colors and melodies that recall Arabesque sounds create an atmosphere that always leaves me enraptured.


I used the colored lights of the amusement park to create this short promotional spot for Levi’s Italia. The bright and vivid colors underlined the fun and relaxed atmosphere that characterizes Levi’s products. I have tried to capture the essence of Levi’s style and personality hoping it will serve to communicate the uniqueness and originality of their brand.