An elopement is a marriage that takes place without the formalities of a religious or civil ceremony. It can be a personal and intimate way to marry, without all the pomp and circumstance. But it still has the legal standing of a marriage once the couple has been pronounced husband and wife by a judge. What is “elopement”? What does “eloping” mean? A wedding ceremony is a romantic event that many couples plan for years, but in some cases, it happens much sooner than intended. The term “elopement” means a hasty or sudden departure from home to go elsewhere to get married in secret. It is the opposite of a destination wedding; instead of the ceremony taking place far away, the couple chooses to tie the knot somewhere closer to home. Elopements can be romantic because they take place outside of a formal setting and they allow the couple to focus on each other. They can also be risky, however, especially if the parents are not happy for their children to elope. What is an Elopement? Elopements are an alternative to traditional weddings that are generally considered less formal.