Intimate weddings are just like normal weddings, but with a smaller guest list.

They don’t have to be budgeted either—often couples decide to invest the same amount they’d use for a bigger event to give a smaller number of people an amazing experience. These weddings are relaxed, informal, and not necessarily traditional—for example, couples might get ready at the same house and casually do a first look in the hallway, or not have formal seating for dinner.

Intimate weddings are especially popular for destination weddings since you can build in time for sightseeing, adventures, and more before your wedding day. Plus, it lets you get up close and personal with your guests—inviting them to be a part of the ceremony by doing readings, lighting candles, etc. One of the biggest advantages of this type of wedding is being able to choose unique places to get married and celebrate. With fewer guests, you can choose that countryside chapel, that small winery with a view, and places that wouldn’t be suitable for a larger crowd.

Plus, your videographer/photographer will be able to work better by focusing on each person at the wedding without worrying about missing any important moments at the reception.